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W-2 and Other Year End Envelopes

Sending out tax forms doesn't have to be a nightmare this year! Would you like to get some extra use out of your inserter machine? We have machine insertable envelopes for most W-2 and 1099 formats. Not only do we have the envelopes you need, but we are also a low cost provider of both the forms and envelopes. Call us for samples and we will make sure we get you the right form and envelope.

W-2 Envelopes

Printed or Blank forms? 4 UP or 4 Down? 3 Forms per page? No matter which format you use we have the envelope to work in your inserter. Envelopes are specifically designed for trouble free insertion.


1099 Envelopes

These envelopes are for use with all the different 1099 forms available. We will gladly send you free test samples.

1098-T Envelopes

Universities mailing 1098-T forms look to us for both the forms and the envelopes.

FREE Envelopes

We have a program that supplies the above envelopes for free (or almost free) to organizations mailing 5,000 or more pieces. Please call for more information.

For more information please contact krista.hurley@ourpartners.com or mike.ryan@ourpartners.com.