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Reverse Flap Envelopes

Reverse flap, inverted flap, or bottom flap. Whatever you call them we've got 'em! A reverse flap envelope is often required when the mail to address that shows through the window is on the bottom of the document that is to be inserted. Until recently, reverse flap envelopes had to be custom produced for each application. We now stock three sizes and our standard window locations work for over 95% of applications.


This is our most popular double window envelope - ideal for checks. It is a hybrid size called a # 9 1/2 which is the width of a #10, but the height of a #9 envelope. The greater width is designed for trouble free inserting while the lesser height reduces wiggle room and therefore, reduces show through of confidential information on checks.


This #10 double window is our #1 selling envelope overall, even though it is an inverted flap. It is a true #10 size. The ENV-10 has a proven track record in installations where an inverted flap is required.


This is our single window style for customers that prefer a pre-printed return address. Custom printed envelopes are delivered quickly and at a great price.

Numerous Other Envelopes Available

Our vast experience with inserters and inserter friendly envelopes means we can custom produce any envelope size or window position you need; using the same window and production dies that have proven themselves over the past 15 years!

For more information please contact krista.hurley@ourpartners.com or mike.ryan@ourpartners.com.