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reverseflap.com - The Company

reverseflap.com is America's premier specialty envelope company and that specialty is Inserter Friendly Envelopes. Our products are designed and engineered for absolutely 100% trouble free operation on all types of mailing and inserting equipment. You will also find that we are one of the easiest and friendliest companies with whom you have ever done business.

We are happy to:

  • Supply test samples.
  • Make recommendations on insertion equipment.
  • Ship your order the day it is received.
  • Establish "drop ship" programs for large volume envelope users.
  • Establish "make and hold" programs for customers with limited storage space.
  • Design and produce custom envelope solutions for special situations and applications.
  • Do whatever it takes to make Print Management a true supply partner and not just another vendor.

Our #1 goal is to be the business partner you truly appreciate and enthusiastically recommend to your other business associates.

reverseflap.com - The Inserter Friendly Envelope Company

** Specializing in Reverse Flap and Double Window Envelopes **