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"Inserter Friendly" Reverse Flap Envelopes!

At reverseflap.com, we really are the Inverted Flap Envelope Specialist.

Now you have a source for inverted (reverse) flap envelopes that are "inserter friendly." We have "off the shelf" options - envelopes in stock ready for same day shipping when needed. We can also make custom inverted flap envelopes to your specifications for any application.

The next time you encounter an application that requires a reverse flap, we can provide you with test samples that work and envelopes comparable in cost to standard flap envelopes.

We work with insertion equipment salespeople selling and installing inserters at locations across the country.

We also work directly with envelope end users providing them with an economical, reliable source for inverted flap envelopes, removing what was once an obstacle to a successful inserting equipment installation.

We would very much appreciate the opportunity to help you.

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